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Reconfigurable Memory Testers..with FPIC?



Hello ,
We design Demo Boards for Memory Test Chips and we need to make them
reconfigurable i.e. one Board must be able to test chips with
different pin configurations (power, ground, clock, dataflow), in
other words there must some externally reprogrammable device which
would change it’s pins according to given pin table connection
and function of read-back after each reconfiguration. The important
moment here is that it must do it not only for data signals but also
for power, ground and clock connections. For example if there’s
a 1.8V voltage at 1-st pin in one package, in the other it can be 3.3V
or ground or dataflow. And all these features must be externally
programmable. Can your company provide us such switches?
I’ve read that FPIC’s can provide it for dataflow, but can
you offer us the same functions for the other signals? If there
isn’t a chip doing this tasks for all signals, what chips can
you offer for making disjoined (separated) routing i.e. different
chips for ground, power, clock and dataflow. For example what chips
can you recommend for power and ground routing in low-voltage systems
( 1.8v, 3.3v…) . Looking forward to hear from you.

Best Regards
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