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Need help recovering first memories of my daughter :(



Hi all,

I'm really sorry for posting this in your group, but I need some help with a
problem and I'm appealing to the public in general for help. (Now how many
messages do you see start like this) *rolleyes* I have lost the ONLY
viewable memories I have of my only daughter, but it can be recovered. When
my daughter came home from the hospital, the only way I could get any kind
of pictures of her was with an old webcam I borrowed from work just before
going on leave. Once she was home, I started taking small 30 second videos
of her and miscellaneous photos with the cam and I was storing them until I
had about 600MB of media before putting it on CD (Again, a first generation
CD burner from work). I have footage of her every few days to about 4
months, at which point the hard drive I was using died on me. (The write
heads starting banging up against the platter). I tried software of all
kinds (The computer wouldn't even see the drive) and I also tried changing
out the controller board on the drive from an identical model and no dice.
Needless to say, my wife and I were devasted.

The bottom line is that after 3 weeks of tinkering, I sent the drive to
Total Recall, a professional data recovery company, and they have come back
with a quote of $1500.00 to recover the data. I'm a new dad who was
recently married, and there is no way I have even close to that kind of
money available. I am asking friends, family and strangers a like to please
donate a dollar or more to help me recover the lost images and videos I have
of her. She is currently 5 months old (Her monthly birthday is tomorrow
actually) and we're still making videos, however I now keep copies at work
and at home, but all the first time ones are gone... first night at home,
first giggle and first bottle feeding - gone.

This is not a con act or other scam... I'm not offering money, only my
gratitude for any help you can offer. I started this money raising campaign
on Friday and so far family and friends have donated because they know the
story in person. I understand your skepticism and believe me, some people
have been actually outraged at the idea. (This isn't exactly a beneficial
charity) The bottom line is I'm willing to
subject myself to bashing emails, embarrassment and complete lack of dignity
if this will help me get these videos back.

If you interested in donating, or you're curious enough to find out more (I
even have a sample movie of her first smile that I had saved at work for
people to download from back home), please visit the site at
http://www.completedisarray.com/corinamemories/ .

If you have any questions or doubts, feedback (Bad or good) or a beef,
please email me at corinamemories@sympatico.ca

My thanks in advance to anyone that is able to help by donating a dollar or
more, or spreading the word.

Daniel Richard
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