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Power in use indicator please ?...


Steve Wolf

I have a water pump in a remote location. Sometimes the pump (120 volts) line springs a leak and then runs all the time with the potential of burning out pump. I want to build a little circuit that will tell me in my house if it is running. I have in the past build and induction coil out of a transformer and then used an LED to light up when the pump is on. I cut out one of the sides of the transformer then run a few winds of the power wire around the transformer that I cut the secondary wires from. It produces enough power to light an led.

However I would like to try another method. I have two ideas but I need a circuit diagram and instructions to do it.

One person mentioned to me the use of a Shunt. I have read up on shunts, and as far as I can see there is some potential here. Does anyone have a diagram that might be able to use a shunt. To light either an LED, or Neon bulb, or even Incandecent lamp.

Remember the point is not that there is power in the line, but it is to tell me that the pump is actually drawing current.

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