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OT: Net Tightens Around China's Covert Bio-Weapons Lab



On 5/3/2020 8:39 AM, DecadentLinuxUserNumeroUno@decadence.org wrote:
Flyshit <soar2morrow@yahoo.com> wrote in news:1ee80a99-33d6-4477-ba9c-

Yeah, you KNOW because you have sat in on these top-secret briefings.

Donald John Trump has removed restrictions on Asbestos in the US.

He is a respiratory dumbfuck.

And the intelligence community has been telling Trump that it was NOT
a manufactured virus. You dig, you retarded piece of shit. There are
no persons in Trump's "top-secret" meetings telling him the shit you
spewed, because they have already told the world it is not so.

Grow the fuck up, FlyShit.
One wishes Fly-guy would piss off back to Stormfront already but he
prolly already got banned for being annoying and not contributing
anything of value there, either, which is why he now graces an
electronics design NG with his fashion of conspiracy-nuttery,
bargain-bin "I read the Cliff Notes" Mein Kampf-style commentary, and
anything but an on-topic post.
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