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Level 1 Charger Plug


Klay Anderson

So in my attempt to update the male Edison on my USA Subaru Level 1 car charger, I discovered two things. The encapsulating rubber is the worst pain to remove and there are five wires not just three. In addition to the usual line, neutral, and earth, there are pink and purple wires. Just hooking up the 3 power leads the charger works fine but the LEDs on the charger flash a lot and I've not a guide to what they all mean. I'm thinking that the "Jet" brand plug might be a GFCI but it is so sealed and sonically welded that even if I opened it up, it's probably potted inside. Does anyone have experience or psychic insight to the pink and purple connections; possibly a replacement plug source? Photo <shorturl.at/azCFU> Thank you.
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