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Control a VFD via cDAQ 9178



I want to control a Delta VFD ( https://famaga.ch/catalog/delta/order-267889 )
unit through the cDAQ-9178.

I got an analog input module NI 9201,analog output module NI 9263 and digital
output module NI 9472.

I have never connected analog modules and digital modules together and was
wondering if anyone could help me. How do you connect a my VFD to these inputs
and outputs?

I would like to add a knob to control the frequency via labview so i can
increase/decrease the speed and also turn it ON/Off.

I know this is possible solution, but I don't really know how to wire it up to
my VFD.

If I succeed with the wiring to my modules, could I then use DAQ- assistant in
labview to wire a knob to it to change the speed for an example, or is there
another way to do it?

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