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coax connector ident...



Has anyone got a name for these coaxial connectors?


Background grid is 0.10in /2.54mm.

They\'re not MCX, MMCX or CRC9.

Were used quite extensively internal to RCA and other
video broadband RX/TX assemblies in the 60s and 70s.
External connections of the boxes was generally SMA.

I\'ve used them in modular interconnect, inside chassis,
but am begining to run out.



The parts laid flat give relative dims - unfocused end-on
only gives idea of gender and internal insulator.

Microdot has a threaded retaining shell, similar to SMA.
These are just pressfit and self retaining.

They have no external latching feature that could suggest
use in a multipin connector shell assembly.

The female can be bulkhead mounted using it\'s threaded body.

Those may be SMB if they are \'slip on\' or SMC if they have a retaining nut up front.
Microdot did have a slip on version and a threaded version too.
I think they were 10-32 threads or somethin like that.
SMB has a 4.45mm barrel on the male part, thought the actual
insulation, tight on the internal female pin is ~2mm.

SMC has a 3.64mm barrel on the male part, filled with insulator
for the loose male pin. It has threads to retain the female
outer shell.

These are 2.5mm barrel on the male part, filled with insulator
for a loose male pin. The female barrel is 3.18mm OD, with an
uninsulated female pin. No retainng thread.

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