Battery capacity with inverter...



On 1/7/03 14:49, Lee wrote:
I have a 60 watt load (120v) that I want to power using a 12v

Can someone tell me what Amp-hour battery I would need to power the
load for 2 hours?

I need to keep the batter size/cost down and don\'t want a lot of extra

The load is a set of powered speakers for PA use.
From what I remember from my camping days.
You will drain about 5ah per hour with a 60 watt load @ 12volts so
you\'ll need 10ah minimum to cover that for 2 hours amps=watts/volts.
The closer the wattage of your inverter to your load the more efficient
it will be assuming 90% efficiency add another 10% more load 0.5ah=1.0ah
Total 11ah
Generally speaking you will damage a AGM Battery if you let it drain
more then 30% of its capacity so a 50 ah battery will give you 15ah of
usable capacity. 4ah to spare. That should cover you.

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