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Transistor testing

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Jasen Betts

Sat Mar 07, 2020 9:45 am   

On 2020-03-06, Ralph Mowery <rmowery28146_at_earthlink.net> wrote:
In article <c1fd1d6a-920c-48d8-80a4-af35ff292a32_at_googlegroups.com>,
jfeng_at_my-deja.com says...

Thanks, but we don't do bux in the UK.

It is also available on eBay. Some are Chinese sellers, so if they ship to the US, they probably also ship to the UK.

Do you get PE (formerly Everyday Practical Electronics)? Available from your favourite bookshop for £5. For the past few years, they have had a series of articles on how much they like the cheap electronics modules that are coming out of China; they may even have reviewed this tester. Also, the March 2020 issue has an article
on how to build your own Arduino-based graphical diode tester.

Having said all that, I suggest that you rig up your own with a 9v battery and a 10K resistor (values not critical, and +/- 50% will work OK). Wire in series and apply to your diode (or two of the transistor leads) and measure the voltage across the DUT. This is simple enough that you will eventually learn what to expect and
why. After you have some e practice, try changing the resistor value and/or the battery voltage to see how that changes the answer. To me, the fancy test devices are like using the OBD when the check engine light comes on: the diagnostic may be meaningful to those with skills and experience, but can be gibberish to the

Here is one for 12.49 pounds or what ever that funny looking L is in the
UK. It is in a nice caes and has leads . You can get them for about 7
pounds out of the case and probably no leads.


Ha! That's a different sort of "Tube" circuit in the background.


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elektroda.net NewsGroups Forum Index - Electronic for beginners - Transistor testing

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