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The Love of Jesus Christ is our Only Hope

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Rick C. Hodgin

Thu Sep 22, 2016 2:42 pm   

All of the war, all of the hate, all of the fighting, all of the death.
It's all the result of sin, and the evil spiritual influence that comes
to our flesh from our spiritual death, which is the result of sin.

We are three-fold beings: soul, body, spirit.

When Adam and Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,
they disobeyed God and sin entered in, and with sin death. Adam and
Eve immediately spiritually died, but in their body they continued on
here in this world. Being no longer alive spiritually, they were on
all points easily deceived by Satan, who influenced them spiritually.

The spiritual influence upon dead-to-spirit flesh continues to this
day. It's why there are so may who rise up and fight and kill and hate
and war. The sin living within them enables it.

When we come to faith in Jesus Christ, He takes our sin away. He
removes our sin from us, so that we are then without sin. Being without
sin, and without sin's punishment of death, we are then alive again
spiritually. This is the born again nature, and it is alive again in
the spirit.

The born again spirit is our eternal spirit, which is eternal life. We
no longer are dead spiritually, which enables us to discern the matters
of the spirit at work in this world, and to be able to also hear God,
and follow His guidance, for God also is spirit. God's Holy Spirit also
comes to dwell within us, to guide us from within into all truth. We
possess information from Him continually, which is why born again people

We are not merely these bodies. We also have a soul and a spirit. The
soul is the essence of us, the "true Rick" which exists. We have a
presentation here in this world through our body, and it is our spirit
which connects the two together. When we pass from this world, we leave
our body and go to sleep. We are then awakened later, summoned by name
to give an account to God for our lives here. But for believers, we have
already passed from death to life, so we do not sleep, but are with the
Lord forever in paradise.

There will never be peace until sin is put away. For each of us
individually that can come through our accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord
and Savior, and in so doing our sin is removed from us. We still live in
this sinful world bearing the inertia and scars from our former sinful
life, and the sinful life all around us. But we ourselves no longer have
sin, and we begin to shine in this world as the guidance of God in the
darkness, giving people light to come to Jesus Christ and be saved too.

When Jesus returns, it will be all over. He will rule and reign with a
strength without measure. Every enemy will be put away, and He will
maintain discipline and order in His Kingdom. And although we think of
such a tight reigning king here upon this Earth as being necessarily
cruel, it is not so with Jesus. He created us to be His, and to prosper
and thrive in His universe. We will be unconstrained, except in the
areas of sin.

Adam and Eve had one rule to obey, for example. The entire Earth was
theirs, and everything in it was given over to them for their
administration. But with one rule to obey, Satan came and tempted them
to breaking that one rule, and the world we live in today is the result.

Jesus Christ is returning soon. His Spirit is being poured out upon men
and women like me as we raise our voices in these end-most times. His
approach is being broadcast by our warnings of His coming, of our warnings
that each person needs to repent of their sin and ask forgiveness from
Jesus Christ in order to have eternal life.

Everyone who seeks the truth will know this. Everyone else will be blinded
to it to their own eternal peril.

Seek the truth on this matter. Resolve solidly within yourself to honestly
seek the matter out, to find out if Jesus is real or not, to find out if
there really is eternal punishment for sin or not, and in the mere setting
your mind upon seeking the truth, God will make it possible for you to come
to the real knowledge of it. It will not be me or another like me teaching
you, but it will be He Himself.

Seek the truth and you will find it, and the truth will make you free (from
the bonds of death, from sin in this world, from the enemy's deception upon
your mind, your life, your actions, your goals, your thinkings, your deeds).
You will not believe the deception that is at work in the world.

Seek the truth and God will do the rest.

Best regards,
Rick C. Hodgin

Rick C. Hodgin

Wed Oct 05, 2016 5:00 am   

A Christian Comedian named Michael Jr.:


Best regards,
Rick C. Hodgin

Rick C. Hodgin

Thu Oct 06, 2016 5:27 am   

Listen to the lyrics in this song:

"[Lord] Be My Passion"
by the Barnett Trio

It captures the born again nature:

"Be my passion
Burn within me
Be my everything
Lord consume me
Ignite a flame in my soul
That I cannot control
So that others may see
A difference in me
Lord, be my passion."

Best regards,
Rick C. Hodgin

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