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Pretzel Huawei Camera

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Rod Speed

Tue Feb 05, 2019 12:45 am   

"news18" <news18_at_woa.com.au> wrote in message
On Fri, 01 Feb 2019 18:20:52 +1100, Daniel60 wrote:

news18 wrote on 29/01/2019 9:15 AM:
I can not find the thread, but this seem the most appropriate place to

the pretzel posted about some super dooper resolution mobile phone from
Huawei and receieved a general rebuff.

From the article at this link;

it appears that this is possible.

All this ka-fuf-ful about Huawei and the Internet has me intrigued!!

I use a Huawei 3G USB Dongle to connect to the Internet (like at this
very moment!!). Does this mean that Huawei is getting a copy of all my
e-mails (out and in!!)?? Does Hauwei know each and every website that I

Because they are a Chinese company, the chinese government
can order them to tap comms. WTF is different anywhere else.

The difference is that if anyone trys that with apple, cook just
tells them to go and fuck themselves and makes apple design
stuff so that even apple can't do it even if it wanted to.

the 5 eyes is just pssed that the chinese can
have the same skills they have had for decades.

Sheesh, CISCO was called out decades ago.

Sort of reminds me of a rumour, several years ago, where if you had a
voice operated T.V., there was someone in New York (as I heard it) that
was listening to all the conversations in your lounge room, just in-case
you/someone told the T.V. to change channels or some such!!

Now it s all automated, but because your voice command
has to listen in all the time, it can be tapped to hear you.

No it can't when the phone etc can't do that.

And the TV that isnt net connected can't do
anything with what it hears anyway, stupid.

There is no a Crowd Supply (?) that sits on top of one of those google
devices and plays it white noise to cover your speech and somehow doesn't
allow the device to be activated until you give it a special command
first, then you can command the google(?) device. Or was it Apple.

since the device is a 3D printed rock or stuff, it allows decrative
printing and I reallyu like the fungi garden verion.

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