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OT: Covid-19 personal protection ideas, and related

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Ron D.

Tue Mar 31, 2020 9:45 pm   

Bloom has been asked to repair about 200 Ventilators that have been sitting in a warehouse in my state. So, obsolete ventilators sitting somewhere is possible.


We heard that there are disinfecting gizmos being made.

I wonder if these ideas would work:

1. Germicidal lamp. e.g. from an HVAC system.
2. Hydrogen peroxide, say 17%. Delivery methods: nebulizer, hand spray

Both are hazardous. I built a UV-C light source >500 W probably for work. neat design. The lamp was about 8" x 8" made from a snaked 1 cm tube. power source was a very large neon lamp transformer. Eye and skin damage possible.

I use 17% Hydrogen peroxide at home to clean up blood stains. It works a lot better than 3%. Your skin will turn white. baking soda is use for accidental skin contact.

Can the longer wavelength UV lamp be used for detection? Somebody gave be a UV lamp that could be used for body fluid detection such as urine.

re-using any disposable mask has to really be a problem.

I was watching a Korean doctor talking about mask usage and he said you should wear one. He also said that if the virus gets trapped on the outside of the mask, breathing raises the temperature and humidity and may kill the virus.

The message of not wearing the masks is to make more available for health care workers and discourage hording.

I've used the 3M 8511 at home, so I have an almost full box. I also have a half-face cartridge respirator.

Clifford Heath

Wed Apr 01, 2020 2:45 am   

On 17/3/20 10:57 pm, N_Cook wrote:
With no hand-sanitizing gel available anywhere, use methylated spirits
or isopropal alchohol, decanted into a small bottle , to reduce any fire
hazard, when used in public places. My attempts at gelling meths just
ended up with snot/slime.

20% water, 80% alcohol is just as effective as 100% alcohol, but doesn't
evaporate as fast.

Or use some glycerol.

Or use some Aloe Vera, if you can find some growing (we have lots). Peel
the fleshy leaves and the inside is transparent goop you can mash. It's
a good moisturiser, too.

Converting a one-way valve-type dust mask , with strong cords around the
back of the head.

Most methods for making anti-viral masks DO NOT WORK. There are some
good studies showing what does work, and how well. This is one example:


As I was never anything to do with medical electronics, are hospitals
likely to have a store of non-working ventilators,for parts-doning, that
a group of volunteer retired electronic repairers could volunteer to try
to get going again?

Dunno, but Medtronic has opened the design documents for its certified



Clifford Heath

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elektroda.net NewsGroups Forum Index - Repair Electronics - OT: Covid-19 personal protection ideas, and related

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