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I2C relay boards.

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Sat Oct 28, 2017 11:01 pm   

Michael A Terrell wrote on 10/28/2017 3:27 PM:
David Lesher wrote:
Michael A Terrell <mike.terrell_at_earthlink.net> writes:

I need some 10 position one-row headers but will likely use
two-row 20's and ignore the other. I do plan to plug them end
to end but will need to hold them. Thinking a slotted /______\
piece of soft plastic that in turn is mounted to the DIN rail.

Yes, ribbon cable. Peel off as many conductors as you need. The color
code repeats every ten conductors.



I'd rather use an IDC connector that matches the headers; less
chance something gets loose/ is misconnected.

Really? Have you ever used the Dupont connectors? They are reliable, and

I've used thousands of them, along with IDC. Only a keyed header and a
keyed IDC connector will prevent misconnecting a cable. The color coded wire
that I mentioned makes it easy, since they follow the standard color code.
Start with black for pin one. Consider it the stripe on typical ribbon cable.

Shouldn't black be pin zero?


Rick C

Viewed the eclipse at Wintercrest Farms,
on the centerline of totality since 1998

Michael A Terrell

Sun Oct 29, 2017 5:43 am   

rickman wrote:

Shouldn't black be pin zero?

If you can find a pin zero, you can use it.

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elektroda.net NewsGroups Forum Index - Electronics Components - I2C relay boards.

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