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I want to improve my front door lock

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Mon Mar 09, 2020 5:45 pm   

Has anyone ever used this or do you know about it?

Remote control, like a car. Were you pleased? When the batteries get
weak, do you know if the door did not get looked? It uses iirc 4 AA
cells. (With a car, one locks the door when he's finished driving so the
car battery is allways strong.)

What about this push-button combination front door lock?
Any opinions on that? I'd have to lose the key and forget the code to
get locked out

Or what about this one:
that uses my fingerprint to let me in. I can't forget that. But does
the model you have in mind recognize a fingerprint immediately or do I
have to wiggle my finger and wait? (It also takes a key and a
combination.) Again batteries, doesn't say how many. (THIS ONE IS FOR

Jeff Urban

Thu Mar 12, 2020 8:45 am   

You don't get the idea of security. The bigger the lock the more you attract. What is more is that you can never stop them, just slow them down.

In some areas, mainly the ones without strict gun control just leave your door open, gun or not. The thugs will figure they might get shot in there.

Alarms, lights and cameras are the real deterrent now. Anyone will do anything if they think they can get away with it. They used to sell signs that said "SMILE, YOU'RE ON CANDID CAMERA". Witnesses, video and all that, that is what puts them off. And lights. Get fucking 6,000 watts of lights tied to your security system and at least ten cameras, and half of them can be fake. I do not mean turn this on with just a motion detector, trigger it by a breach. Good lights just on the regular motion detector are also pretty good.

Now if your keypad on that lock doesn't work you have a physical key. Is the lock even bumpproof ? (look up bumpkey for info on that) And anything almost can be picked, car ignitions have been extremely difficult even back to the 1980s. But he surroundings were too vulnerable. Now you can't steal a car. Try it.

They got special keys that do not have normal tumblers and no doubt are desmodramic, which means no return springs and therefore no feedback with which to pick them. Even in the 1980s they got hep to using a gravity based system to make it much harder to pick. Of course the means that a car won't start upside down...

And then there is the door itself. My old house had one of the most secure doors out there except for on a bank vault. The edge where all the locks engaged was right at the end of a wall perpendicular to the door. It could not be kicked down, period. You would need enough force to actually break the door which was solid wood, made from a slab. And up a step with a step in front that made even a police battering ram near impossible to use.

And I hardly ever locked it. Because of the hood, many thugs saw my place as one to avoid. They never saw the fifty grand worth of tools and a few more worth of electronics.

THAT is how to keep from getting robbed.

So, what did you steal that you still harbor some guilt about ?

I know. Thieves have the best security. Unless you got a fifty grand stereo, a fifty grand gun collection ad fifty grand in small tools and live in the ghetto you do not have that much to worry about.

Which brings us to the next thing, nothing is worth shit anymore. Steal a new TV, first of all if you don't get the remote just throw it out. And then unregister it from their internet, get their ID off it which is impossible and then walk around to the bars n shit with a 55" TV in your hands and try to sell it. A fence will give you about ten bucks. Risk years in prison for ten bucks ?

There are two REAL locks in the world.

1. Things that slow the thief down.
2. The chance of getting caught.

You can put all security doors with retinal scanners in your house, replace all windows with glass block and vents, have surveillance all over the place, bright lights and satellite monitoring and they will still get in - if they want to.

Stephen Wolstenholme

Thu Mar 12, 2020 12:45 pm   

I don't always remember to lock doors.

Our best deterrent was a message saying we would not be responsible
for electric shocks.



Ron D.

Thu Mar 12, 2020 9:45 pm   

I have a Master Lock Key Safe mounted to the house. It's in the back yard. There is a LED flashlight that uses a CR2032 battery nearby.
It's mounted to bricks with an anchor that requires a nut. They have very little room in them. I store 3 keys, labeled by engraving, in a tiny zip lock bag.

911 has access to the combination.

The fire department here wants you to use a Knox box. You might see these brown boxes on some businesses. You buy the box and mount it and the fire department installs a key cylinder. They have some sort of "controlled access" to the key.

There is a bluetooth enabled lock box for the Real Estate Industry.

I would like an access control system for caregivers.


Fri Mar 13, 2020 3:45 pm   

It would take about 45 seconds with this little device:


And make almost no noise. That key-safe would be toast. I saw one used yesterday on a 2" high-pressure steam main (the steam was off, of course). 18 seconds per cut. I expect the key-safe is made from a harder material than the steam pipe, so I figured all of 45 seconds.

In one of the more upscale neighborhoods (Lower Merion) nearby, a group of thieves dressed up in bright red jumpsuits, drove a 24-foot panel truck up a driveway, put a sign out on the lawn: Sam's House Cleaning and Yard Services" and did exactly that. Cleaned out the house in broad daylight.

Peter Wieck
Melrose Park, PA

Peter Wieck
Melrose Park, PA

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