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Free timing diagram drawing software

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Cecil Bayona

Wed Oct 26, 2016 10:47 pm   

On 10/26/2016 7:20 AM, David Brown wrote:
On 25/10/16 18:08, Cecil Bayona wrote:
On 10/24/2016 1:02 PM, rickman wrote:
On 10/24/2016 11:33 AM, Cecil Bayona wrote:
On 10/24/2016 10:17 AM, rickman wrote:
On 10/21/2016 5:48 PM, wavemediagram_at_gmail.com wrote:
May I suggest Waveme?


It is a new, free, GUI-based, digital timing diagram drawing software
for Windows (and Linux/MacOS via Wine).

Waveme is intended primarily for documentation purposes,
where a diagram can be exported (stored) to an image file (PNG, BMP or
TIFF) or a PDF document.

Waveme can be used to draw waveforms (signals and buses), gaps, arrows
and labels (see attached images).

This is "free" software in the sense of "free beer", but not as in
speech", right? It doesn't appear that there is an interest in making
money from this, at least not for now. Why not make it open source?

I've seen too many special purpose graphical tools go by the wayside to
consider spending time to learn a tool like this that I would only use
sporadically. If this tool ends up with no support I don't think I
would want to be using it unless the source were available.

I have an email program like that which I don't want to stop using
because it works well and I'd have a learning curve to switch. But no
more bug fixes and one of these days it won't port to the new machine.

Yeah. I use T-bird for newsgroups, but I've never gotten used to how it
would work with filters and such for my regular email. Eudora is a
great program, but some day I won't be able to use it anymore.

I ended having to stop using Eudora, I love it but my ISP started using
1024 bit Certificates and Eudora could not handle that so I could not
get my mail. I hated leaving it it works exactly like I wanted it to,
now I have no choice but to use Thunderbird.

For a while I used a Linux machine for my mail and I used Evolution and
liked it quite a bit but then they made drastic changes to it and
actually took out features, My Mac Email was based on Evolution and I
liked it too but they followed the changes in the Linux version and I
was disappointed.

I hear Thunderbird is going away, I'm not sure what to do then.

Thunderbird is not "going away". That was a rumour started
(intentionally for scandal effect, or just through incompetence - I am
not sure) by an online IT magazine, and copied widely.

The Thunderbird development group are looking for a new "home", and
trying to leave the Mozilla Foundation. This is not anyone being thrown
out, or a disagreement, nor is it the end of Thunderbird. It is simply
that the Mozilla folk, the Thunderbird folk and the Firefox folk have
realised that keeping Thunderbird and Firefox development tied together
in the same place hinders both projects. Moving Thunderbird to
something like the Apache Foundation or The Document Foundation (home of
LibreOffice) would be better for Thunderbird development.

I hope so, Thunderbird is somewhat close to Eudora, and works well for
me, I have emails going back to 1995 that I keep for reference.

I went from Eudora to Penelope a Eudora Thunderbird mix, to Thunderbird
and was able to migrate my emails, and tags, I would hate to have to
change again. I'm not sure if Thunderbird has changed or those upgrades
makes it different but right now Thunderbird is very close to what
Eudora was. It has good Rules feature, good search save features, and
handles multiple accounts and newsgroups well. The one improvement would
be in the newsgroup account to be able to scan and delete unwanted junk,
it works well when manually done but will not work automatically to
delete post from some trolls.

Cecil - k5nwa

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